COVID Protection Concept for Durga Puja 2021

Venue: Schwerzisaal, Langnau am Albis

October 11 – 15, 2021

Updated on 29th Sept. in line with new BAG Guidelines



Durga Puja is the main annual event of the SwissPuja Association which is held every year at the Schwerzi Hall (henceforth the Venue). SwissPuja is a non-political, socio-cultural and religious association. This protection concept is in accordance with the current federal guidelines from BAG and shall be put in place for the event. If the Federal or Cantonal guidelines are updated in the interim period, relevant clauses of this protection concept shall also be adjusted accordingly. All those involved shall comply with the protection concept. The protection concept also includes the collection of contact data to be able to locate close contacts in the event of a newly infected person (ensuring traceability).

The aim of the protection concepts is to protect the visitors and the participants as effectively as possible from COVID infections.



SwissPuja Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for defining the guidelines based on the rules of measures and regulations applicable from 13th September 2021. The compliance and fulfilment of this guideline is the responsibility of all visitors participating during the event. EC will engage volunteers and all visitors are requested to cooperate for smooth implementation of the guidelines.


Our Protection Concept:

Guidelines: Check Covid certificate and Ticket at entrance

  1. Entry into the venue will be restricted visitors with valid covid certificate only who have received confirmation of their registration for that date and time.

  2. As per BAG regulation the Covid certificate is valid through Covid 19 vaccination, a previous illness within last 180 days or a negative test result valid on the date of visit.

    1. PCR test: 72 hours from the time the sample was taken

b. Rapid antigen test: 48 hours from the time of sampling

  1. All the above cases must be updated in the Covid certificate app for verification at the venue

  2. The Covid certificate can either be presented as a printed document (issued by Swiss govt.) or using the Covid certificate app. Children under 16 are exempted.

  3. When checking the Covid certificate you may have to produce a personal identification document with a photo (e.g. identity card, passport, driver's license, residence permit, student ID, SwissPass).

  4. As per BAG, Guests without a certificate at events that require a certificate, can be fined 100 francs.

  5. Visitors must produce the Ticket (QR code) either in their smart phone or in paper copy.

  6. For identification purpose coloured wrist band shall put after checking the valid certificate.

  7. Contact details of all participants will be collected and maintained for at least 14 days.

  8. Currently, only the certificates of the countries connected to the EU Digital Covid Certificate are technically compatible with the Swiss system. All persons who are vaccinated abroad with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and who are resident in Switzerland or who are entering Switzerland should now be able to obtain a Swiss Covid certificate.


Guidelines : Inside the venue

  1. Exposed person, those with any symptoms of fever, cough or other ill-health, has been in close contact with an infected person or under quarantine for any reason are requested not to visit the venue.

  2. Random checking of the body temperature and other symptoms will be performed by the volunteers through remote measurement / observation.

  3. Maximum number of visitors inside the venue shall be restricted to a maximum of 300 persons at any time taking into consideration the size and capacity of the Main Hall, foyer and the stage.

  4. As the venue will be crowded and it will not be possible to maintain 1.5m distance, it is strongly recommended to wear masks as an additional protection measure for you as well as other visitors.

  5. Dedicated cleaning team for regular sanitization and ensuring social distancing.


Guidelines: Puja, Food and Cultural events

  1. It is planned to broadcast the Puja and parts of cultural event live using digital media so that people staying at home can watch and celebrate.

  2. Prasad offered during Puja will not be distributed. Visitors can bring their own offerings for the Puja and take it back afterwards. Distribution inside the venue is not allowed.

  3. Puja Bhog for the puja preferably be covered if possible, with transparent cover.

  4. Food cooked in the kitchen will be fully in accordance with the federal guidelines for Gastronomy.

  5. Eating will only be allowed while seated in the designated areas.

  6. Visitors who opted for Pre-packed food must not open the packet inside the venue or in the surrounding areas. However they are allowed to eat in the designated areas along with other visitors after the food counter is opened.

  7. Live cultural programs are planned during evenings strictly adhering to the applicable BAG rules, i.e all participants should have valid Covid certificate, preregistered with all contact details.


Guidelines: General

  1. Hand sanitisers will be placed at the entrance/Foyer and in the Main Hall.

  2. Use sanitizers to clean Hands & Surfaces

  3. Don’t come close to the flames after sanitization – Fire Risk!!

  4. Masks will be available at the venue, strongly recommend to use while inside.

  5. Venue is being inspected by Gemeinde Regularly

  6. Follow Entry and Exit Rules, as explained at the venue

  7. Clean your table before & after use using disinfectant and paper provided

  8. Leave the Hall at the end of your registered slot

  9. Certain areas have limited access – Please do not Enter kitchen, storage area, stage etc

  10. Put waste or used glass, plates etc in the nearer garbage immediately after use


If the Federal Government or the Canton of Zurich takes further restrictive measures before the event, those will be implemented.


Designated Person for the Protection Concept:

The SwissPuja Executive committee is responsible for the implementation of the Protection Concept and shall designate one person who shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the protection concept. We understand that the verification of compliance with the protection concepts takes place within the framework of cantonal enforcement.

We humbly request your full cooperation to follow the guidelines.